Family Planning in Ethiopia: The Health Extension Program:
The CSIS Global Health Policy Center produced this video, following a bipartisan congressional staff delegation to Ethiopia in February 2014. The video is designed to bring the voices of Ethiopian women and girls, as well as champions of family planning, into the U.S. policy discussion. Through the voices of rural women at health posts, health extension works, and an Orthodox priest, along with an official of the Ministry of Health and the First Lady, the video vividly highlights the importance of family planning as a core component of Ethiopia’s development. Kickstarter Campaign Video: DaeshDaily is a daily update on ISIS activities compiled from Arabic language sources, supplemented by local contacts in Iraq, with explanatory comments by Iraq specialists.

Movie Night at America's Biggest Drive-In Theater:
Drive in for a flick on one of the Swap Shop's 14 screens in Lauderhill, Florida, located near Fort Lauderdale. Produced for VISIT

Florida by Rail: Traveling through Okeechobee, Sebring and Winter Haven on Amtrak's Silver Star #92, you'll find a new way to explore Central Florida. Produced for VISIT

2010 winner ONA Student Video Award.

Stretch used a Canon 5D Mark II camera, with a Zoom H4n audio recorder along with Sennheiser shotgun and wireless lav mics. Jesse shot with a Panasonic HMC150.

Cow Power
František Trnka's dairy farm in the southern village of Sobesice built a biogas station that generates electricity from their cow manure. They capture the methane gas, a by-product of the manure, and use it as fuel in a large engine connected to a generator. The station already provides heat and power to the farm and an adjacent hotel, and now is taking steps to power and heat homes in the village. Find out how a modern dairy farm is making green energy from its waste materials

Ayze and Wilse from Jesse Swanson on Vimeo

Big Cypress Seminole Reservation, Broward County FLA.

There are 45 full-time professional players at the Dania fronton. They play six days a week with matinee and evening games on Tuesday and Thursday. Most of the players come from the Basque region of Spain, but also from Mexico, France, Bolivia and the U.S. Most come as young men and live in South Florida for the duration of their professional Jai-alai career, which is usually between 10 and 20 years.

Dry Tortugas: Remote Florida Keys Island Camping:
Few visitors to Key West take the ferry 70 miles to the Dry Tortugas National Park. Even fewer camp under the stars next to historic Fort Jefferson. Those who do are rewarded with world-class snorkeling, kayaking, wildlife watching and an island almost all to themselves. Produced for VISIT

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New Geothermal Power In The American West A power plant in remote southern Idaho generates electricity with water heated by the remnants of ancient volcanoes. Water is forced underground where it heats up. The accumulated heat is used to run turbines that generate electricity. Geothermal energy is a renewable resource than can be harnessed for the production of electricity 24 hours a day, year round, potentially for centuries without adding energy to the system. Explore geothermal energy use in the state of Idaho, U.S.A..

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Un Techo Para Mi País is a Latin American organization that builds houses in 14 countries to assist underprivileged citizens who cannot afford homes or who have lost their homes following natural disasters. Students visited six cities to document how the non-profit and volunteer sectors can make a difference at the family and community level.

Giants of the Seas: Jamaica Meets the Mega-Ships was produced as a thesis project for the University of Miami school of Communication to document the transformation of a small town in Jamaica into a major port of call for the world's largest cruise ships. Online News Association Awards: student video finalist-2011.


Herman Mendez-Everglades: Knight Center One Water from Jesse Swanson on Vimeo.

Short story Paul Franz and I made in the Everglades. Commissioned by the Knight Center for International Media's